High School and College Student


High School and College Students have some mission critical decisions to make when it comes to their careers in a world where things are changing so fast. Many jobs are going extinct while there are whole new industries and many new jobs being created al most overnite. Who knew that a 'Youtuber' would be a career these days? But it is and it's one that is almost revered among many of our students. 

Our proven process will give students a huge advantage and possibly save them thousands of dollars of wasted tuition & other college costs, and may save them semesters if not years in completing thier degree. And, some students will discover paths other than college that fit their design and desired outcomes even better than the traditional college path.

This package includes:

  •  Discovery Call
  •  Online Assessment
  • Advanced Personalized Professional Consultation via Zoom -- parents are encouraged to join us for the consulatation.

Career Pivot Package


If you're ready to make a career pivot then we're here to help you nail it! The adage, 'look before you leap' certainly applies here and we will help you be certain that the pivot you're making will give you the results you're hoping for. 

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired of the work that you feel like you're stuck in or where you aren't valued then let's fix it!

It's not your fault that you're stuck because chances are you've never had the coaching you need to choose work that matches you're design and that will give you the outcomes that truly matter to you. 

We specialize in helping people just like you get the results they dream of in their next career or business venture. 

Our 3-Step Discovery Process will give you the guidance you need to pivot into something that you're gonna love and where you can earn the kind of money that you truly deserve. 

This package includes:

  • Discovery Call
  • Online Assessment
  • Advanced Personalized Professional Consultation via Zoom.
  • One 45 minute follow on coaching calls to help you get traction on your pivot plan. 

Max Package for Students & Graduates


This is the best value for a student or recent graduate who feels truly stuck and really has no idea what she/he really wants to do -- even if they already have a degree.

 [ This is incredibly common and is not the graduate's fault. Most schools do not offer them the proper training and tools to make these decsions so they are left 'holding the bag' and usually a whole lot of debt! It's truly not fair.]

This package includes:

  • 1:1 Discovery Call
  • Full Assessment
  • Advanced Personalized Professional Consultation via Zoom.
  • Results Based Coaching 
  • Follow On Assignments at the end of each coaching session to move you along.
  • Three 45 minute coaching sessions spaced over the 6 weeks after your consultation to coach you for follow-through and to overcome fear of taking action.

The Max Package is only available on an invitation basis after a 1 on 1 Discovery Call with one of our coaches. If we believe we can truly meet your needs we will extend an offer to work with you, if not we will refer you to resource that may fit your needs better. 

Let's jump on a call and one of our coaches will give you all the details on what this package includes.

You cannot purchase this until we have had a Discovery Call.  Book Your Discovery Call Here



BOOTCAMP is for those embarking on a major career transition or launching a new business. BOOTCAMP prepares you for the epic quest of rebooting your life and living at a higher level that you've only just dreamed of.

Bootcamp is only for people who have been in the work force for at least ten years and KNOW that they must change or they feel like they're gonna die.

Bootcamp is for people who have a lot on the line and they know that failure is not an option. 

This is only for those who have been in the marketplace and desire to make a strong career pivot, change careers altogether, launch a new business or perhaps you'd like to turn your 'retirement' into 'REWIREMENT' and create your best life in the season ahead. I'm here to help . 

This bootcamp will only be offered once or twice every year or two and participation is by invite only and begins with a 1:1 discovery call. Parcticipation is incredibly exclusive. 

There will be weekly calls, weekly homework, cohort coaching, hotseat coaching and mastermind roundtables, high accountability and a no holds barred approach to getting you the result you need.

There are too many features and benefits to put them all here. The big idea is that BOOTCAMP is an EXPERIENTIAL GROUP COACHING EXPERIENCE THAT WILL TAKE YOU AND YOUR LIFE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE AND RESULTS. This is NOT just another 'online class' or soft one to one coaching. It is a RESULTS DRIVEN, no holds barred get you to the next level BOOTCAMP!

We will conclude our experience with a 2 to 3 day resort / adventure destination to lock in your gains and celebrate your next giant leap forward into the life you're truly meant to live. 

This is the most support you can get from the best guides on the planet. 

Bootcamp will revolutionize your whole life. 

Bootcamp requires a mid 5 figure investment so don't book a call if you're not serious about getting the job done!

BOOTCAMP is only available on an invitation basis after a 1 on 1 Discovery Call with one our coaches. If we believe we can truly meet your needs we will extend an offer to work with you, if not we will refer you to resource that may fit your needs better. 

Let's jump on a call and put our heads together and see if this is right for you.