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Parent to Parent Review of Career Direct Assessment and Process with Jeff Fuson  

This is from Kelley Woods, a parent in Kentucky who worked with me to get her daughter, Alison, totally clear and confident about her next steps beyond High School. Alison was a Home School Senior at the time of her consultation.  

The Career Direct process with Jeff is invaluable.  

My daughter Alison was feeling overwhelmed and not sure about what direction to take after high school. She took the Career Direct Assessment (which took her less than an hour).  

She and I met with Jeff to go over the profile which confirmed her areas of gifting, skill, and interest. The level of detail is so much greater than any other assessment. It confirmed not only her academic interest but also the strengths and non-strengths of her personality.  

The profile showed how to focus on and improve her strengths as well as identifying environments that would accent her strengths. In addition, the assessment suggested areas to stay away from based on non-strengths or lack of interest. The profile also guided Alison in examining her values in personal and work life. She looked at several of the online links that come with the assessment to help her as she chose her path after high school. I know she will continue to refer to the profile and online tools for the next several years.  

Meeting with Jeff was such an encouragement and confidence booster for Alison. He is very knowledgeable about all the resources related to Career Direct and was able to explain and guide Alison through the assessment and next steps.  

I am so thankful for Jeff and the Career Direct assessment and encourage all parents and students to consider going through this process.  

Kelley Woods Smithfield, Kentucky

Here's what Andy, from Louisville Kentucky, a recent client, had to say about the Career Direct process:  

"I couldn’t say enough good things about how Jeff helped me during a career transition. He not only helped me with finding the right areas to look for my future career but he also helped me really see the big picture not just for me but for my family as well!!! I went into the interview process with a lot more confidence in who I was and with no fears heading into a career field different from what I had been doing the past 21 years!! THANK YOU JEFF!!!"


I know how hard the struggle to figure out what you're designed to do can be. Been there, done that and found the answer for me after hundreds of hours of reading, study, completing assessments, buying expensive career counseling and a lot more! I was willing to do all of that because I wanted to KNOW FOR SURE WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE!

It was worth every dime and all the time invested. 

But, when I discovered the Career Direct Assessment when our son went through the process I knew this was the most powerful predictive tool and process Id ever experienced.

It only took a few hours and it was super affordable and the results were amazing

I was so impressed with the results that our son got that I became a Consultant and now have helped many other people experience the power and clarity of the Career Direct Process. 

I believe in the process so much that all three of our children have benefited from the process and I have done it myself just to learn more about me! 

So, I believe in this process so much that I use it for those I love the most. 

Yes, if I had to go 'old school' and read nearly a dozen books, do countless hours of discovery assessments, invest thousands of dollars in Career Counseling I'd do it again. But, that's no longer necessary with our tools and process. 

In just a few hours and for less money than a going to a great concert you can get clear, strong, and courageous about what you're supposed to do with your life! 

What if you could ditch the angst of not knowing what you're supposed to do? 

What if you could know what next step will bring you toward what you're truly designed to do and avoid wasted semesters of college expenses if that's not the right path for you? 

If you feel stuck in a job or career that has you feeling frustrated and maybe even depressed, wouldn't it be great to pivot into a job, career or business that fits you like a glove and makes you truly happy? 

What if your next step would lead you into a job, career or business that would finally give you the financial and freedom benefits you've always wanted?

We can get you on the launch pad and rocketing toward work that fits you perfectly and lets you call the shots on how you live your life.

Let's find your design and get you going!


Jeff Fuson

Career Coach & Business Consultant


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